Ohio Data Bunker

Introducing Ohio’s largest, most structurally sound data center. The facility is the only purpose-built commercial data center in the region and features an on-site power substation, 12-inch thick walls, a concrete roof, 36-inch recessed floors, security aisles, 18 MW of total power capacity and more than a dozen fiber providers.

Dublin Data Center Grand Opening - Open House

RSVP for the open house on Nov 17th | 11:30am- 5:00pm

5700 Innovation Drive | Dublin, Ohio


On-Site Power Substation

You can ensure that your data will always be available and without any hiccups. Being adjacent to a power substation allows for greater power capacity. This our testament to our 100% SLA uptime guarantee.

Concrete Roof

Much sturdier and structurally sound than the typical rubber roof, our concrete roof can protect against any inclement weather, including hail storms or tornadoes.

Thirty-Six-Inch Raised Floor

Security Aisles

Utilizing security aisles keeps infrastructure like computer room air conditioners and power distributions units out of the data room and reduces the amount of human traffic inside the facility while keeping our customer’s systems safe and secure.

18MW Total Power Capacity

Access to enough power for today’s clients and for two additional data center expansions which will result in a facility with over 1,700 colocation cabinets.

Sixth Generation Cloud Hub

The new Dublin data center will also house one of our 6th Generation Cloud Hubs, which has been recognized for the second year in a row, by Cloud Spectator, to provide the best performance/value mix in the industry besting providers like Amazon and Azure by more than 10 times the performance in multiple categories.